Hunters Creek, FL – My Favorite Neighborhood

Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek is a great place to raise a family. As a matter of fact, in 2011, the writers at both “CNN/Money” as well as “Money” magazine were soo impressed with Hunters Creek as a neighborhood that they both ranked it the 21st best place to live in the whole US on their top 100 list.

The criteria that was used to make this determination included housing, education, financial, quality of life, weather data and also leisure and culture.

Because I live and work in Hunters Creek, I can tell you first hand that Hunters Creek absolutely backs up all the hype and in my opinion, it should be even higher on that list of the best places to live in the US. I’ve always found it impressive how the planners were able to fit so many great things into one neighborhood. From the A schools to the parks and nearby shopping all nestled in untouched conservation areas that are home to just about every species of Florida wild life.  

Housing in Hunters Creek

Because of my profession as an Orlando real estate Broker, I’m very familiar with the Hunters Creek real estate market. Even through the housing market of 2007, Hunters Creek didn’t suffer as much as some other less desirable Orlando neighborhoods. And having sold hundreds of Hunters Creek homes throughout the years, I can tell you that whenever I get a listing in the Hunters Creek area it won’t last for very long. Hunters Creek property values are almost back where they were back in 2006 mainly because it seems that everyone wants to live here… I can’t say that I blame them.

The Parks at Hunters Creek

Parks located in Hunters Creek are very well laid out and are fully equipped to entertain today’s young families.  You can find the following amenities in just about any of the several parks located in Hunters Creek.

    Community center with game room for kids


    Fishing docks


    Soccer fields

    Baseball / softball fields

    Basketball courts

    Volleyball courts

    Racquetball courts

    Tennis courts

   Golf Course

    Multi-purpose fields

    Picnic tables


    Walking paths

    Tot lot (shade structure)

    Dog parks


  World's Favorite Sport


Hunters Creek Schools

Whether you have a newborn or a teenager as well as everyone else in between, the Schools in Hunters Creek have you covered across the board. One of my favorite things about this neighborhood is that I can walk both of my sons to an A rated elementary to school every morning. Then once they’re ready for middle school, it’s only just a few more blocks away.

Here’s a list of schools located in Hunters Creek

Pre-Kindergarten-        Primrose School of Hunter’s Creek

Elementary schools-    Hunter’s Creek Elementary School

                                          Endeavor Elementary School

                                          West Creek Elementary School

                                          John Young Elementary School

Middle School               Hunter’s Creek Middle School

                                         Freedom Middle School

High schools                   Freedom High School

In addition to everything mentioned above, Hunters Creek hosts several events throughout the year such as “Bunny in the Park” during Easter where they turn Osprey Park into a mini amusement park for both kids and adults providing games, rides, activities, raffles, food and live

entertainment. Another popular event that’s just around the corner is “Hunter’s Creep Nights” haunted house and hayride. This is a Halloween activity where kids can go through a haunted house as well enjoy a scary hay ride throughout Osprey Park. The event also allows children from the community to not only participate and be part of the haunted house but also constructing it.  




If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in my favorite neighborhood- Hunters Creek, it would be my pleasure to help you accomplish your goals. Just contact me, Jenny Zamora at   or call 407-902-7750.

Jenny Zamora Realtor

photos by: FreeWine & vramak

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