Orlando Short Sale Q and A… Ask The Expert       

 Q and A with Jenny Zamora, RE Broker, Orlando Short Sale Expert                       Q- My house is worth less than what I owe on the mortgage and there’s no way I can afford to continue making payments on it because I lost my job and […]

Alternatives To Short Sale

  Alternatives To Short Sale Video   If your lender doesn’t agree to a short sale on your house, there are several other options available to you. One option would be a “deed in lieu “, which is basically a voluntary foreclosure and all that happens is that you sign the property back over to […]

When Short Sales Fall Short

    There are no guarantees in life and when it comes to negotiating Orlando short sales, this is especially true. Although lenders have come a long way in terms of approving more short sales, easing up on there guidelines and even offering cash incentives to homeowners that are willing to cooperate, there are still […]