6 Best Ways To Enhance Curb Appeal

As an active realtor in Orlando, I always make it a point to inform my seller clients how a home’s curb appeal is a one time opportunity to give buyers an inviting impression of your home…so listen up!    The front door should give potential buyers an indication of the way the home looks on […]

Getting an Estimate: 5 Things that Will Determine the Value of Your Home

While some home buyers rely on love at first sight, that kind of chemistry is hard to quantify. Luckily, there are some objective criteria most realtors – and most buyers – use when measuring the value of a home. If you aren’t sure the value of your home, there are a few elements that will […]

Let the Lights Guide you Home – Attracting Potential Buyers with Dynamic Outdoor Lighting

Any small advantage that can gain your home or rental property those few extra views should be viewed not with caution but with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Even small things such as making sure the house has a fresh coat of paint, making sure the windows are all clean or the floors are all recently vacuumed, should […]

Putting Your Home On The Market: 5 Curb Appeal Tips For The Winter

Selling your home in the winter is a little harder than selling during the summer. Shoppers are so busy with the holidays that they don’t want to even think about buying a new home, and other shoppers hate dealing with the snow and ice. Increasing the curb appeal during the winter can help you get […]

Contemporary and Tasteful Outdoor Christmas Decor for Your Home

Christmas is a great time of year to get creative and celebrate in the season in your own style and if your home is on the market there is always the chance that it will catch the eye of a potential buyer! If you’re tired of seeing the same old decorations year after year, why […]