Save Time and Money by hiring an Orlando Buyer’s Agent

  When talking about residential real estate in Orlando, sellers will usually do extensive research before hiring a real estate agent that they feel comfortable with. They will ask family and friends for advice, research on line, read reviews, ask for references, etc. Then after coming up with several prospects, sellers will go a step […]

Florida incomes and Orlando real estate continue to rise

Floridians income increase along with their confidence     Florida has shown substantial gains on three different areas, Real estate prices, income and consumer confidence. Much of this can be attributed to the overall housing market in Florida. Orlando real estate is a great accelerator when it comes to creating jobs and increasing local incomes, […]

Frustrations Increase among active Orlando Real Estate Buyers

Active Orlando Realty buyers are more frustrated than ever   People that are actively searching for an Orlando property are getting more and more concerned about rising prices on quality Orlando homes and they have every right to be. Inventory is at an all time low while demand is through the roof. Many of them […]

The days of Low Ball Offers on Orlando Real Estate are Long Gone!

Buyers are realizing that they have to Pay the Price if they want a quality Orlando Property   Orlando Homebuyers have had the upper hand since 2006, but today’s reality tells quite a different story, sellers are back in the drivers seat. Prices of Orlando Realty have been rising steadily much like many other parts […]

Butterfly Destroys the Roof on an Orlando Property! Would Your Homeowners Policy cover This?

Orlando Homeowners Insurance Policies are getting cut left and right Citizens Insurance is a Non-Profit state-run insurance company started in 2002 because of the fact that private insurance companies were leaving Florida due to the risk of hurricanes. It used to be that when nobody else would cover your Orlando home or business, you could […]