7 Simple Steps to do Before Selling Your Orlando Home

 Owning a home means that your are constantly doing maintenance as well as home improvements. There’s always something that needs to be repaired, replaced or touched up. It’s lucky for us that these things happen at different times throughout the year, although sometimes it feels like everything happens at once. Personally, I tend to procrastinate […]

Orlando Realtor- Seller Series part 4

              In this week’s edition of the 6 part “Orlando Realtor Seller Series” we over some tips for staging a home properly for maximum profit in the least amount of time without breaking the bank.   By properly staging a home before showing, it can increase you net profit […]

Selling Your House? Smarten Up The Exterior For The Best First Impressions!

As we all know, first impressions are everything. And this is never truer than when we are talking about houses. If you are planning to sell your house then the single most important thing that you can do to impress viewers is to smarten up the exterior. When a potential buyer visits to carry out […]

How Best To Show Off Your Home To Prospective Buyers: The Basics

Image by Real Estaging   When you’re looking to sell  your house, there are lots of things you should keep in mind about exactly how you should do so. While it’s important to remember that each house is unique and that what works for one property may  not necessarily work for another, there are nonetheless […]