Getting an Estimate: 5 Things that Will Determine the Value of Your Home

While some home buyers rely on love at first sight, that kind of chemistry is hard to quantify. Luckily, there are some objective criteria most realtors – and most buyers – use when measuring the value of a home. If you aren’t sure the value of your home, there are a few elements that will […]

Need to Get Your House Sold Quickly? A Few Tips to Help it Sell in a Flash

Do you need to get your house sold quickly? Whether you need to get rid of the house due to a short sale, downsizing, or because you found a job in another location, there are a few strategies that you can use to sell your home quickly and at a reasonable price. Selling a house […]

Updating Your Home? Five Projects to Leave to the Professionals

Every homeowner knows that maintaining a residence requires certain investments. For example, certain home improvement projects require professional assistance. Go ahead and caulk a window or lay that tile in your own bathroom, but when it comes to the big jobs that require specific equipment and training to complete, reach for the phone instead. Here’s […]

Putting Your Home On The Market: 5 Curb Appeal Tips For The Winter

Selling your home in the winter is a little harder than selling during the summer. Shoppers are so busy with the holidays that they don’t want to even think about buying a new home, and other shoppers hate dealing with the snow and ice. Increasing the curb appeal during the winter can help you get […]