TOR 004: Can The Bank Take My Assets After Foreclosure? Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | MoreTop Orlando Realtors Podcast Episode:004 Hello and Welcome to the show If , you’ve been here before, we are happy to have you back . Anyone can submit a question or suggest a topic for the show, just go to and fill out the contact […]

A Beautiful Day In Hunters Creek, FL. Come Join Me!

I wake up to a dense mist over the pond in my backyard, the only things I see moving are the deer grazing in the open field. It gives me the feeling of living deep in the forest as I notice the tops of the  tall pines tower above. Throughout the day I get regular visits by a wide […]

Orlando Real Estate’s Perfect Storm

              In 2014, the Orlando real estate market recovered significantly. Home sale prices rose and continue to rise and at the same time mortgage interest rates remain relatively low. These conditions created the perfect storm of opportunities for those looking to buy or sell Orlando real estate.     […]

TOR 001: Welcome To The Top Orlando Realtors Podcast! Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | More                 Top Orlando Realtors podcast Introductory episode In this episode you will learn     About Orlando Realty Consultants   About The Show   How to Get Your Questions Answered On The Show Subscribe to TOP ORLANDO […]

The Time To Sell Your Orlando Home Is Now!

If you’ve been wanting to  sell your Orlando home but keep putting it off, you may want to stop procrastinating. according to NAR National Association of Realtors, the housing inventory in the Orlando real estate market is way below average when compared to December of 2013.       When the supply of homes on […]