A Beautiful Day In Hunters Creek, FL. Come Join Me!

I wake up to a dense mist over the pond in my backyard, the only things I see moving are the deer grazing in the open field. It gives me the feeling of living deep in the forest as I notice the tops of the  tall pines tower above. Throughout the day I get regular visits by a wide […]

New Homes In Orlando Getting More Expensive

In 2014 new housing developments in Orlando became increasingly more expensive throughout the year and we can expect to see more of the same in 2015 according to Orlando realtors. This is in part due to newly retired couples looking for a permanent move as well as vacationers wanting to have a new home away […]

Kaileys Ridge Update

                Floor plans and pricing for Kailey’s Ridge in Hunters Creek are being finalized by both builders and are expected be ready within weeks. With the entrance roadway now paved, construction moves to the next phase of development. The builders (Ryan Homes and Surrey Homes) will each control […]

Kailey’s Ridge Underway! Hunters Creek Residents React

 At first there were a lot of rumors and speculation among Hunters Creek residents about a new subdivision that may or may not be built. However, over the past year or so the question is more about “when” it will happen and not “if” it will happen.  The long anticipated subdivision of Kailey’s Ridge in […]