Orlando Realtors Fed Up With Bad BPO’s

Bad BPO’s= Inflated Values     Orlando Realtors that specialize in short sales know how important the brokers price opinion [BPO] part of the process is. The BPO refers to the value of a property as decided by a local real estate agent or broker. It’s important to note that BPO agents are not appraisers. […]

Orlando Short Sales…anything but short

Short Sales…. Long time For potential buyers short sales can mean either getting a great deal or going through a very frustrating ordeal. by first impression a short sale implies a getting good deal on a home, kind of like a house as being on sale “houses 30% off! “. However, you should know what’s […]

Who decides the value of an Orlando Short Sale?

Are Orlando Short Sale properties being valued correctly?     The valuation of an Orlando short sale, as determined by the short sale lender, is probably the single most important factor of the transaction. The way it works is; we submit an offer  to the bank, then the bank will order a BPO [Brokers price […]