Open House – –5 Things to Look for Before Making an Offer on a House

House hunting can be a stressful process, however it is exciting to attend open houses and walk around a potential home to see if you are interested. Many buyers get distracted by features that they like in a home that they often don’t notice pitfalls or downsides to the home. Buying a house is one […]

Highlighting your property’s best features

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, make sure that your Orlando realtor does a good job of showing off the things about your property that make it special. Make sure that you take advantage of mentioning anything that sets your property apart from the rest. Sometimes when someone has lived in a house […]

Do younger Orlando Realtors have an edge over “old school” agents?

    More and more young people are choosing to become full time Orlando real estate agents as a profession.  Historically,  real estate has proven to be a great field to be in no matter what the market is doing.  The ones who are able to keep up with what the Orlando real estate market […]

Orlando Real Estate remains strong, despite a dip in prices at the end of summer

Summer’s gone and Orlando Real estate takes a drop       Prices of Orlando real estate dropped slightly last month for the first in a year. Don’t panic Orlando homeowners, this happens every year at this time. The reason for the drop is mostly due to the ending of peak of the summer buying […]