7 Simple Home Improvement Projects to Lower Homeowners Insurance

Do your current homeowners insurance rates put a strain on your monthly finances? The insurance companies’ logic is simple: the safer your home, the less likely you will need to make a claim. It’s essentially a big guessing game on the part of the insurance company. Making a few modest updates could make a substantial […]

7 Tips for Getting the Best Price on Quality Homeowners Insurance

Here are 7 tips for getting the best price on your homeowner’s insurance, something everyone hopes we’ll never have to make use of. Unfortunately, no one knows when disaster may strike so it only makes sense to protect it and, if your home is mortgaged, your lender will require that it is insured.

Homeowners Insurance Tips for Orlando home buyers

Getting the best HOI rates for Orlando real estate     When shopping for homeowners insurance [HOI] quotes, you should seek out companies that have been in business for a while that have high customer satisfaction ratings and good reviews. Many potential buyers make the mistake of  just going with the cheapest company they can […]