Before Buying A Home In Orlando

 Things To Do Before You Buy A Home In Orlando Do your homework before you buy a home. Buying a home will be one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime. Most home buyers get a bit overwhelmed when they realize that that they are about to be on the […]

Home Renovations That Draw the Highest Price

  Investing your money into a property that you intend to resell can potentially earn you a nice profit. However, not all home improvements will guarantee you a profit. It’s crucial that you know where to invest your money so that it will increase the resale value of the home when you go to sell […]

Tips for Estimating Repairs on Orlando Investment Properties

Have you ever bought a car without first finding out how much the monthly payment will be or how much it will cost to insure it? Of course not, that would be crazy and irresponsible. You would first find out how much everything will cost to determine if you can afford it or not.  The […]

Is your Orlando Realtor a part time Real Estate Agent?

Many Orlando Realtors have second jobs   The Income and business of Orlando Realtors is said to be growing after many years of decline, according to the 2012 national association of realtors member profile the median income of a realtor rose 2.3% to $34,000.00 in 2011, which is the first overall gain in over nine […]