The world of Orlando Short Sales may be coming to a screeching halt

What will happen to Orlando short sales if the Mortgage debt relief Act of 2007 is not extended?     Short sales have been very popular since the market crashed in 2007,  mainly because sellers have the  benefit of not being taxed for the deficiency between the mortgage amount and the actual  payoff. What people […]

6 Reasons why you should invest in Orlando real estate

“The City Beautiful” a great place to invest in real estate     Orlando is undoubtedly one of the most frequently visited places in the United States. The demand for real estate in Orlando is constantly on the rise. In fact, in recent times Orlando has witnessed an immense growth in the world of real […]

Orlando Short Sale Guide part-1 of 2

What are Orlando Short Sales sales all about?   Working as an Orlando short sale specialist for over eight years, I get questions from both clients and realtors about short sales all of the time; How does a short sale work? Do I have to be behind on my mortgage to do a short sale? […]

David Siegel’s Mansion puts Orlando Real Estate in the record books

Orlando Mansion Officially the largest house in North America     Orlando real estate currently has the record for having the largest singe family residence in North America. At 90,000 square feet David and Jackie Siegel have nicknamed their Orlando property  “Versailles”  after the royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. This […]

Domestic Tourists Agressively Buying up Orlando Realty

Record numbers in Orlando Tourism is contributing to the shortage of Orlando real estate.   Increasing numbers of domestic tourists are buying up Orlando properties creating a noticeable decrease in nice Orlando homes. Who could blame them? This is a great place to live and even better place to visit. It seems everyone wants their […]