Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale?

Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale? 407-902-7750 Video There’s a common misconception among distressed homeowners that you need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale on your home. The truth is that you don’t need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale.  The lender does […]

Florida Real Estate and Housing Markets Revel as Late Mortgage-Payment Rates Drop

According to a recent report released by the credit bureau TransUnion, Americans are taking care of the timely payments of their mortgages so much so that the rate of late home mortgage payments has reached a record five-years low. The report, released Wednesday, February 12, reveals that compared to the 5.8 percent delinquency rate in […]

VIDEO – Do you need an attorney to complete an Orlando Short Sale?

Orlando short sale Hello folks My name is John Conde with Orlando Realty Consultants and if you’re looking to hire an attorney… then you’re in the wrong place… We’re to talk about Orlando short sales and why you don’t need an attorney to complete a short sale. John Conde: “first question please…yes,  the young […]

Orlando Real Estate Attorney Drops the Ball, Homeowners Pay the Price!

  Last week we picked up a new client , we’ll call him “Joe”, and his story one that we’ve heard far too many times, only the characters were different. So I felt that I needed to share it with everyone in hopes that someone will benefit from it. Joe fell behind on his mortgage […]

Why Pay an Attorney to Do an Orlando Short Sale, Get Help For Free!

Save your Money, Hire an Orlando Realtor When it comes to lawyers doing Orlando short sales, the fact is most people just don’t need them. Foreclosure filings hit a lull in Florida during the last year. The robo-signing scandal caused many banks to put new Florida foreclosures on hold. That’s coming to an end, and […]