Avoiding the Orlando Loan Modification Mine Field

  Loan modifications have helped thousands of Orlando homeowners to keep their homes.     However, you must be aware of the fine print and know exactly what it will mean to you. Sometimes the terms of a loan modification are often worse than the original mortgage. The best loan modifications are when you are […]

Buyers Beware of Scams on Orlando Short Sale Approvals

Orlando  Short Sales becoming a popular target for Scammers   There’s a scam out there for everything and the world of Orlando real estate is no exception. Recently there’s been an outbreak of people trying to pull scams with title companies and short sales, here’s how it works. Scammers are mimicking major lender’s approval letters, […]

Homeowners Insurance Prices discouraging people from buying Orlando Real Estate

Florida Homeowner Insurance companies are having a negative effect on Orlando Real Estate Sales Even though the real estate market in Orlando is recovering in leaps and bounds, homeowners are not happy about the high price of Florida homeowners insurance. As a matter of fact, for some potential home buyers, it’s proven to be the  […]

6 Reasons why you should invest in Orlando real estate

“The City Beautiful” a great place to invest in real estate     Orlando is undoubtedly one of the most frequently visited places in the United States. The demand for real estate in Orlando is constantly on the rise. In fact, in recent times Orlando has witnessed an immense growth in the world of real […]

Orlando short sale vs. Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu/ foreclosure with a smile   By now just about everyone living in Orlando has heard of terms such as “short sale” , “deed in lieu”, loan modification, etc. It’s important to know exactly what the difference is between these terms are and what the implications are. For  example; many  homeowners believe […]