Ask your Orlando realtor questions about your short sale

Don’t be afraid to ask your Orlando realtor questions about your short sale   So you’ve decided to pursue a short sale on your home either because it owes more than what it’s worth and and just want to get out from under it or because you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments. You’re next […]

Florida incomes and Orlando real estate continue to rise

Floridians income increase along with their confidence     Florida has shown substantial gains on three different areas, Real estate prices, income and consumer confidence. Much of this can be attributed to the overall housing market in Florida. Orlando real estate is a great accelerator when it comes to creating jobs and increasing local incomes, […]

Banks are becoming more experienced with Orlando short sales making things easier for realtors

Banks are getting much faster at the Orlando short sale process       Short sales have had a bad reputation in the Orlando real estate market for several years now. Realtors didn’t want to take on short sale properties either because they didn’t know what was involved and were afraid of getting in over […]

Fannie Mae Making great Strides in the Orlando Short Sale Process

Fannie Mae is taking the Lead on making short sales move even faster for Orlando homeowners     It’s amazing to see how far certain lenders have come in the way of helping homeowners to get their Orlando short salesapproved. In the not so distant past, some of the major lenders were hell bent on […]

Orlando Real Estate, one of the Nations Highest in Asking Prices, but we won’t be Fooled Again!

 Orlando Real Estate is Hotter than ever right now     As of a year ago in August asking prices are up 8.6% which means that we are actually eighth in the nation, tied with San Jose California. This is good news for Orlando homeowners who elected to ride the storm out since the crash […]