Orlando Short Sales…anything but short

Short Sales…. Long time For potential buyers short sales can mean either getting a great deal or going through a very frustrating ordeal. by first impression a short sale implies a getting good deal on a home, kind of like a house as being on sale “houses 30% off! “. However, you should know what’s […]

5 tips on flipping Orlando real estate

Orlando Re-habbers are back in business   The days of flipping houses in Orlando are back in a big way. Investors have their ears to the ground just waiting for the next good deal to hit the market so they can snatch it up and make a nice profit on. The increasing amount of Orlando […]

Orlando Real Estate: Investors hurting first-time homebuyers

Savvy Orlando real estate investors are beating first time home buyers to the punch     1st time home buyers looking for their ” dream home” are no competition for the seasoned Orlando real estate investor. People looking for their 1st house to move into with their families are finding themselves being squeezed out of […]

Orlando Short Sale Realtors outsourcing short sales to unlicensed 3rd Parties

 “Orlando Short Sale Realtors” using unlicensed negotiators to do the work       It’s recently come to my attention that certain Orlando realtors that claim to be “Short Sale Experts” are actually outsourcing their short sales to  unlicensed third party negotiators. Now, I’ve heard of  real estate attorneys outsourcing their short sales to licensed […]

Banks are becoming more experienced with Orlando short sales making things easier for realtors

Banks are getting much faster at the Orlando short sale process       Short sales have had a bad reputation in the Orlando real estate market for several years now. Realtors didn’t want to take on short sale properties either because they didn’t know what was involved and were afraid of getting in over […]