Retired Couple Buy Their Orlando Dream Home!

Couple Finds Their Orlando Dream Home in Hunters Creek Living in New York most of their lives this retired couple had had enough of the cold and ready to live out their golden years in “The City beautiful”. After spending time with their nephew who lives in Hunters Creek, FL and after several months of […]

Fannie Mae Short Sales Just Got Shorter

    I believe that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac as well as most all other lending institutions finally acknowledge the importance of the realtor’s role in the short sale process.     It seems like yesterday [back in 2004] when we started doing short sales. Orlando realtors like myself that specialized in doing only short […]

Loan Transfers, Not Just For Delinquent Mortgages

              Most people are under the assumption that a loan has to be in delinquent status in order to be transferred. The truth is that any loan can be transferred at any time the bank wishes. Remember the fine print that you speed read through at the closing?  Somewhere […]

The Quiet Short Sale | By ORC

                A short sale on your home can be frustrating, intrusive and sometimes even embarrassing. At Orlando Realty Consultants [ORC] we’ve developed a process for people who need to do a short sale, but don’t want the whole neighborhood knowing about it.  We like to call it…” The […]

Orlando Home Buyers Buy Their House Back After Losing It To Foreclosure!

Every once in a while we hear a story about something that inspires us and that reminds us that good things still happen in the world. In this case it was about one of our clients, Jose and Mary Guadalupe had gone through some financial hardships due to loss of employment and ultimately ended up […]