Median Orlando Home Prices in Shoot 24 Percent Up at the Close of 2013

    Wednesday reinforced positive sentiments among Orlando realtors as the Orlando Regional Realtor Association released its yearly report about the Orlando real estate market. The report revealed that the average Orlando Home price for properties in the city saw a 24 percent hike in the previous year. This 2013 rise of median home prices […]

The Root of All Short Sales is a Valid Hardship

  A borrower’s hardship still remains the main criteria in order for a lender to approve a short sale on a home. The simple explanation or definition of “hardship” is when someone is in “a state of affliction or misfortune” meaning that the borrower has gone or is going through something in their  life whether […]

Mistakes to Avoid when Flipping a House

    With Orlando Real Estate in high demand again, experienced investors are taking advantage of these almost perfect conditions for re-habbing houses. Even new investors are turning out in record numbers to try and cash in on flipping a house. Rookie investors will always make mistakes on their first re-hab property just like I […]

Choosing the right Orlando neighborhood for Re-habbing a House

Which type of Orlando neighborhood is best for re-habbing a house ? When you’re looking for an investment home that you intend to flip for a profit you should know that choosing the right location is just as important as choosing the right home. Although it’s true that there are buyers for just about any […]

Orlando Realtor Busts First Time Home Buying Myths

      Some first time home buyers believe that they can go out and find themselves a house without utilizing the services of an  Orlando Realtor in their search. I’ve known many home buyers over the years that have struck out on their own to find a house only to realize that it’s not […]