Orlando Realtors Focus On Echo Boomers

  These young Americans were born between the years of 1982 and 1995. They are following the “Baby Boomer” generation and are now at the age where real estate and housing is a priority for them. The idea of the”American Dream” looks very different for Echo Boomers then it did for their parents the “Baby […]

7 Qualities of a Top Realtor

  Knowledge of their local market It’s absolutely crucial to hire an agent with an intimate knowledge of the local market. The MLS is a great tool when you’re doing some preliminary research like cost per sq ft and getting comparables. However, you need a realtor who can go deeper than that, someone that has […]

How To Hire A Short Sale Realtor – Video

  How To Hire A Short Sale Realtor  Video   When you hire a Short Sale Realtor t to take on your short sale, It’s just like hiring an attorney to represent you in some legal matter, so obviously you want someone with experience and a good track record. The agent you choose is going […]

Orlando Housing Spurs as Consumer Confidence Pick Up Speed

            2014 was a significantly sluggish year for the Orlando real estate market. Consumer activity as well as confidence in the industry proved to be rather low. But things are changing nation-wide and the top Orlando realtors say “The City Beautiful” will see more consumer activity in the months that […]