Orlando Short Sale Guide part-2 of 2

Finding the right Orlando Short Sale Realtor for you       Regular listings and short sale listings are 2 completely different beasts, which is why if you need to short sale your home, you should  seek out an “Orlando Short Sale Expert”.  This is an agent that specializes in doing only short sales and […]

Cash Deals Still Rule in Orlando Realty

Cash is Still King in Orlando Real Estate     “All cash deal” is one of my favorite phrases to hear regarding Orlando Real estate. Real estate deals that are purchased with all cash actually account for two thirds of all Orlando Florida residential deals closed. Cash deals are usually done by private investors or […]

Orlando Realtors Getting Creative trying to get New Listings

Orlando Real Estate agents are trying anything to lure new sellers and get the listing.       It’s no longer enough just to send out a few thousand post cards and wait for the phone to ring. These days Orlando real estate agents are getting more and more aggressive when it comes to marketing […]

A typical work day for an Orlando Short Sale Specialist

It’s all in a day’s work for an Orlando Short Sale Realtor     Being a successful Orlando short sale realtor involves many things. For one thing, working with a short sale listing is a lot more work than a traditional listing. Listing the property is just the tip of the ice burg. There’s a […]

Orlando Realty’s Weekly MLS Market Report

Orlando Realty’s Weekly Report for Home Buyers and Sellers   On behalf of Orlando Realty and our entire team of Orlando real estate professionals, we are proud to introduce a weekly report of market statistics of what’s happening in the world of Orlando real estate. This report provides up-to-date information to help educate Florida Home […]