Fannie Mae Short Sales Just Got Shorter

    I believe that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac as well as most all other lending institutions finally acknowledge the importance of the realtor’s role in the short sale process.     It seems like yesterday [back in 2004] when we started doing short sales. Orlando realtors like myself that specialized in doing only short […]

Demystifying the Short Sale Process

  For those buyers facing an imminent threat of foreclosure, a short sale is a viable option indeed. Through a short sale the seller eliminates the debt burden that comes with his value- depleted property that no longer attracts enough of a sale price to pay off the loan in full. Scores of home owners […]

Can you do a Short Sale if your not behind on your Mortgage?

Typically, homeowners that are no longer able to continue paying their mortgage are going through some kind of hardship such as job loss, decrease in pay or hours, health issues, divorce, death, mortgage payment adjustment, and even incarceration. Often times, however, there are reasons that people must sell their home when there is no hardship. […]

Orlando Short Sale Guide part-1 of 2

What are Orlando Short Sales sales all about?   Working as an Orlando short sale specialist for over eight years, I get questions from both clients and realtors about short sales all of the time; How does a short sale work? Do I have to be behind on my mortgage to do a short sale? […]

Make sure your Orlando Short Sale Payoff gets recorded or it could Kill your Credit

The Responsibility of an Orlando Short Sale Realtor doesn’t end at the closing table   I’ve heard of this happening time and time again. The realtor gets the short sale done, the bank signs off on everything and everyone goes home happy. Then, one day the seller goes to check his credit report a year […]