Orlando Short Sales,… Know The Rules!

  Don’t let the name fool you, Orlando short sales take a long time! The reason being is that a short sale means that the bank loses money so you can’t blame them for not being in a rush. This can however be helpful to the homeowner by allowing them time to get their house […]

ORC Closes Another Orlando Short Sale

  ORC closes another Orlando short sale. Jenny Zamora, Listing Specialist/short sale expert known for getting her listings sold in record time for top dollar has beaten the odds once again. Now…  I don’t write about every short sale listing our company closes [or I wouldn’t have time to write about other stuff] but I […]

Avoid Orlando Short Sale Fraud

Avoid Short Sale Fraud!     The mortgage industry is once again experiencing an increase in short sales. Since 2012 the amount of short sales with Freddie Mac have gone up substantially. This rising trend will leave the Orlando real estate market a target for short sale fraud.       What’s A Short Sale […]

Cash Incentives for Short Sales Continue

 Cash Incentives for Short Sales It appears that new short sale guidelines that have been put into place continue to make it easier for the distressed homeowner to get relocation assistance after completing short sale on their distressed property. Mortgage companies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have launched a new short sale program allowing the […]

Is Orlando Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

Of late, there have been several bits of speculation and buzz that indicate that the Orlando real estate market is booming, with reports indicating decreased foreclosures, rising real estate prices, and a rising number of real estate sales. What we must ask ourselves is how stable is this current trend, and are we in promising […]