TOR 004: Can The Bank Take My Assets After Foreclosure? Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | MoreTop Orlando Realtors Podcast Episode:004 Hello and Welcome to the show If , you’ve been here before, we are happy to have you back . Anyone can submit a question or suggest a topic for the show, just go to and fill out the contact […]

Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale?

  Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale? The valuation of a short sale, as determined by the short sale lender, is probably the single most important factor of the transaction.   The way it works is; after an offer gets submitted to the lender, the bank will then order a BPO.. […]

When Short Sales Fall Short

    There are no guarantees in life and when it comes to negotiating Orlando short sales, this is especially true. Although lenders have come a long way in terms of approving more short sales, easing up on there guidelines and even offering cash incentives to homeowners that are willing to cooperate, there are still […]