Avoiding the Orlando Loan Modification Mine Field

  Loan modifications have helped thousands of Orlando homeowners to keep their homes.     However, you must be aware of the fine print and know exactly what it will mean to you. Sometimes the terms of a loan modification are often worse than the original mortgage. The best loan modifications are when you are […]

Orlando Short Sale Guide part-1 of 2

What are Orlando Short Sales sales all about?   Working as an Orlando short sale specialist for over eight years, I get questions from both clients and realtors about short sales all of the time; How does a short sale work? Do I have to be behind on my mortgage to do a short sale? […]

Orlando Realtors Getting Creative trying to get New Listings

Orlando Real Estate agents are trying anything to lure new sellers and get the listing.       It’s no longer enough just to send out a few thousand post cards and wait for the phone to ring. These days Orlando real estate agents are getting more and more aggressive when it comes to marketing […]

The days of Low Ball Offers on Orlando Real Estate are Long Gone!

Buyers are realizing that they have to Pay the Price if they want a quality Orlando Property   Orlando Homebuyers have had the upper hand since 2006, but today’s reality tells quite a different story, sellers are back in the drivers seat. Prices of Orlando Realty have been rising steadily much like many other parts […]

Orlando Short Sales Increasing because of Financial Incentives

  Banks are finally starting to come to the realization that it’s much cheaper to pay off delinquent borrowers as an incentive to short sale their Orlando house than it is to take them through the foreclosure process. I think it’s about time they saw the bigger picture.     Bank of America as well […]