Orlando Short Sale Negotiator confesses to using stall tactics

  I’ve been doing short sales in Orlando since 2005 and something happened last week that has never happened to me before. I’ve been working on this Orlando shorts sale listing for the past 3 months. After negotiating with the bank we got the payoff approved at $192,000.00 and the buyers were ready to close […]

Don’t be Embarrassed About Doing a Short Sale.

There’s no reason at all to feel embarrassed about doing a short sale. A short sale is merely a tool to help you take control of your financial situation. If you find yourself in a precarious financial situation due to the housing crash, doing a short sale may be the answer.

Orlando Real Estate: Investors hurting first-time homebuyers

Savvy Orlando real estate investors are beating first time home buyers to the punch     1st time home buyers looking for their ” dream home” are no competition for the seasoned Orlando real estate investor. People looking for their 1st house to move into with their families are finding themselves being squeezed out of […]

Ask your Orlando realtor questions about your short sale

Don’t be afraid to ask your Orlando realtor questions about your short sale   So you’ve decided to pursue a short sale on your home either because it owes more than what it’s worth and and just want to get out from under it or because you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments. You’re next […]

Banks are becoming more experienced with Orlando short sales making things easier for realtors

Banks are getting much faster at the Orlando short sale process       Short sales have had a bad reputation in the Orlando real estate market for several years now. Realtors didn’t want to take on short sale properties either because they didn’t know what was involved and were afraid of getting in over […]