What Exactly is a “Charge Off” when it comes to Orlando Short Sales?

A “charge off” is not the same as debt forgiveness   In the world of Orlando real estate when you hear the words “charge off” coming from your lender, it basically means that they are throwing there hands up and giving up on collecting that particular debt, the debt that’s being charged off also known […]

The world of Orlando Short Sales may be coming to a screeching halt

What will happen to Orlando short sales if the Mortgage debt relief Act of 2007 is not extended?     Short sales have been very popular since the market crashed in 2007,  mainly because sellers have the  benefit of not being taxed for the deficiency between the mortgage amount and the actual  payoff. What people […]

The days of Low Ball Offers on Orlando Real Estate are Long Gone!

Buyers are realizing that they have to Pay the Price if they want a quality Orlando Property   Orlando Homebuyers have had the upper hand since 2006, but today’s reality tells quite a different story, sellers are back in the drivers seat. Prices of Orlando Realty have been rising steadily much like many other parts […]

Orlando Real Estate Market on the Road to Recovery

When you examine the current Orlando real estate market  a few things are undeniable. The most important fact, there has been a huge decline in Orlando home prices since 2006. Secondly, the foreclosure inventory is still incredibly large. The third factor is that interest rates remain low. There are two potential ways to look at […]

2012 Year of the Orlando Short Sale

Will 2012 be the Year of the Orlando Short Sale?      Since mid-2006, residential values in Florida have declined by 51 percent. Hundreds of thousands of properties have been, or are, in foreclosure and huge numbers of homes have been repossessed. Check out these numbers for the state of Florida. • 150,000 residential properties […]