Short Sales In Orlando Still Rank Near The Top In U.S.

Although short sales in Orlando have dwindled in recent years, Central Florida still ranks as one of the top regions in the US as having the most short sale listings.   Ironically, “short sales” can take a very long time to complete. These are homes in which the bank is willing to entertain a lower amount […]

Inspiration Through Short Sales

Inspiration can be found anywhere and it’s all up to the individual and what he or she is inspired by. It can be found on a slow walk on the beach or even traveling 90 miles per hour on a speed boat.   Something that’s always inspired me has been helping people. Maybe it’s the […]

TOR 002: Will My Lender Come After Me For The Balance After A Short Sale? Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | More                   In this episode Lucille from Metrowest asks if her lender will come after her for the remaining balance of the deficiency between her full payoff amount and what the property sells for if she decides […]

Short Sale Tax Relief Law Extended!

      As I explained in a post I wrote back in November “Will They Extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act?” There were thousands of distressed homeowners that weren’t sure if they would receive “short sale tax relief ” or if they would be forced to pay income tax on phantom income when […]

When Short Sales Fall Short

    There are no guarantees in life and when it comes to negotiating Orlando short sales, this is especially true. Although lenders have come a long way in terms of approving more short sales, easing up on there guidelines and even offering cash incentives to homeowners that are willing to cooperate, there are still […]