Mistakes to Avoid when Flipping a House

    With Orlando Real Estate in high demand again, experienced investors are taking advantage of these almost perfect conditions for re-habbing houses. Even new investors are turning out in record numbers to try and cash in on flipping a house. Rookie investors will always make mistakes on their first re-hab property just like I […]

Florida incomes and Orlando real estate continue to rise

Floridians income increase along with their confidence     Florida has shown substantial gains on three different areas, Real estate prices, income and consumer confidence. Much of this can be attributed to the overall housing market in Florida. Orlando real estate is a great accelerator when it comes to creating jobs and increasing local incomes, […]

Banks are becoming more experienced with Orlando short sales making things easier for realtors

Banks are getting much faster at the Orlando short sale process       Short sales have had a bad reputation in the Orlando real estate market for several years now. Realtors didn’t want to take on short sale properties either because they didn’t know what was involved and were afraid of getting in over […]

Orlando Real Estate remains strong, despite a dip in prices at the end of summer

Summer’s gone and Orlando Real estate takes a drop       Prices of Orlando real estate dropped slightly last month for the first in a year. Don’t panic Orlando homeowners, this happens every year at this time. The reason for the drop is mostly due to the ending of peak of the summer buying […]

More Senior Citizens Facing Orlando Foreclosure

Older Americans who own Orlando real estate are not immune to the foreclosure process     Many Americans that are 55+, grew up thinking that real estate in Orlando would only appreciate in value and that you need to own a house to be financially secure. That way of thinking was passed on from there […]