Bidding in a Hot Market

 Buyers looking for that perfect home in Orlando are finding out that they need to prepare for a fight. Because of a hot market causing lower than normal inventory, hungry buyers are engaging in bidding wars everyday. Bidding in a hot market can be a fight and lately, it’s been all about who’s quicker to the punch. […]

Top Orlando Realtor Testimonial VIDEO

Top Orlando Realtor Testimonial VIDEO   This is the story of David Millerton. This was a special listing client because he lived in New York with his family and had no plans of coming to Florida in order to get his Orlando vacation home sold. Lucky for David that we deal with many absentee homeowners […]

Jenny Zamora Seller Testimonial VIDEO

Jenny Zamora Seller Testimonial VIDEO       This is the story about Amy Connor and her family. The Connors listed their Orlando  home with Jenny Zamora in June of 2014.   Due to the nature of their business, they traveled out of the country often and were never around. Within the first week or […]

Banks Can Take Your Assets After Foreclosure!

                    Stop Foreclosure Before It Starts Are you behind on your mortgage and worried that the lender might go after your other assets if your home gets foreclosed on? Unfortunately, it can happen if you live in Florida. This scenario can occur in an instance where […]

Why Use An Orlando Listing Agent?

Orlando Listing Agents Vs. FSBO                         Recently, there has been an upward trend of Orlando home owners attempting to sell their houses on their own by way of FSBO [For Sale By Owner]. They are convinced that they have a plan that will save […]