Homes for Sale in Ocita Hunter’s Creek

The subdivision of Ocita in Hunters Creek is by far the largest neighborhood in the area with a total of 296 homes. The community is accessible from two different entrances on Hunters Creek Blvd. The Eastern entrance is on Lake Ocita and the West entrance has access to a path for walkers joggers and bikers. Ocita is beautifully landscaped and perfectly manicured and features its own private park exclusively for residents of this community.

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Osprey Park, right next to the Ocita entrance features playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, and volleyball. Osprey park is also the largest of the parks located throughout Hunters Creek.

The Name “Ocita”
Although there are conflicting stories about the name Ocita, most people agree that there was a tribe in the Timucua Indian Nation that called themselves “Ocita” which means powerful. Others say that the tribe chief’s name was called Ocita. In the year 1680, this tribe was said to have roughly three hundred members right in this area.

Ocita Neighborhood Association
Different from most of Hunters Creek, Ocita is one of the few neighborhoods that is actually incorporated. Even though it is a member of The Hunters Creek Community Association, it does have more independent authority than most other single-family neighborhoods that have committees. For more information on Ocita and other neighborhoods in Hunters Creek visit us at

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