Video Testimonials

 Gayle McKenzie, Orlando, FL


Amy Porter, Orlando, FL


Shari Bovinski, Orlando


Irene Mazza, Gainesville, FL


Ronald Guttenburg, Orlando, FL


Andrew William, Kissimmee, FL


Sandra Connor, Orlando, FL


Written Testimonials


“…  I Had No Equity!”      “We tried to list our house with another realtor but he couldn’t get it sold. As time went on the market got worse so did our situation. Jenny managed to get an offer on our house and successfully negotiated a short sale within 2 months. We were so relieved to get that off our backs and move.  Saved us from foreclosure.  We had just bought our house last year when my husband lost his job.  We were behind over $11,000 in payments, and our house owed more than it was worth.  Miraculously, Jenny got the mortgage discounted with the bank, got our house sold, got us some money to move, saved us from foreclosure, and we relocated with a new job.  Life is back to normal now, but we never could have done it without Jenny Zamora.”
— Ellen Galoum, Clermont, Fl


“…  Hey, I Left All My Stuff Behind.”    “My husband had just left me.  I just couldn’t bear to think of cleaning the place up and paying to store a bunch of stuff.  Jenny swooped in like a Knight in Shining Armor and took care of everything. She got a contract on my house in less than a week.  Thanks, Jenny!  You made a bad situation so much easier to deal with.”
— Lucy Fuentes, Orlando, Fl


“… I Didn’t Want the Neighbors to Know”     “We just couldn’t afford our house payments anymore, and were headed for foreclosure.  I could have listed it or tried to sell it myself, but I didn’t want my neighbors to know about our financial problems.   Jenny got the house sold the house to one of her investors without anyone in the neighborhood even knowing it was for sale.  We were able to leave with our dignity intact.”
— Tom & Andrea Mc Klusky, Orlando, Fl


“…  Closed in four days so I could move quickly”     “We tried to sell the house with another realtor, but it just wasn’t moving.  We needed to move back up north for my husband’s new job.  It looked like me and the kids would have to stay and try to sell the house all alone.  Then, we’d have to move after the school year started, and I just dreaded that.  Jennifer solved the whole problem.  She got us a contract on our house, and we got our moving in just nine days.  Nine days!  It was a miracle!  And the kids got into school on time.” Thank you Jennifer and good luck with your business, you deserve it!
De Jesus, Kissimmee, Fl


“…  My Husband Had Just Had a Stroke.”  “We had to move fast, and I knew nothing about how to sell a house, because my husband had always handled these kinds of details in the past.  Jenny sold my house, and we had it all done in less than a month.  So quick and easy.  Jenny, thank you so much I don’t know what we would have done without you!
— Rachelle Furlo, Winter Garden, Fl


“… Our house was on the market for 3 months, when we had to move. The house remained on the market for 3 more months with no interest shown by the agent… If only we had found you sooner… Thank you again for coming to our rescue.”
— John & Tonya Lyon, Orlando, Fl


“…Mrs. Zamora, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great job you did for us… we were having trouble moving our property… We were constantly burying money into an empty house on a monthly basis, just to pay the loan, and having no luck with the local real estate agent or finding good renters… you did exactly what you promised enabling us to build a new home… and get on with our lives… Thank you again for your help.”
—Bob & Christy Gantt St. Cloud, Fl


“We wanted to write you a note to express our appreciation for your excellent service… there were no surprises, everything went smoothly and as planned… ”
— Stephan & Tammy Glaser, Gainesville Fl.


“…We wanted to stop long enough to write you a thank you letter and express our sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done.  There is no doubt in our mind if it wasn’t for you … we wouldn’t be living in Florida today.  To be honest, at first I was skeptical of you… I thought all real estate brokers were scam artists, but I was wrong about you and your company… we have learned to trust you for the person you are and would highly recommend you… thanks again Jenny, for giving us a new start.”
— Richard and Janice Doty, Orlando, Fl

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