Braddock Oaks in Hunter’s Creek Braddock Oaks

Hunters Creek is a melting pot of people that have come from across the country and around the world. They all shared a common goal of living in the community of Hunters Creek. In the subdivision of Braddock Oaks alone, you can find people from England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Jordan, Canada, and Italy just to name a few.

Braddock Oaks is a great community located on the West side of Hunters Creek and is made up of larger-sized homes ranging from the mid 300’s to the high 400s. Residents access this community from Town Center Blvd directly across from the entrance to the Vistas. These 111 homes were designed and built by Engle Homes from the late nineteen nineties through the year two thousand.

Like most residents in Hunters Creek, people here take pride in their neighborhood and are actively involved in everything that goes on in the community. That’s what makes living here so special!

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