Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale?

  Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale?    http://orlandorealtyconsultants.com/short-sale-experts/ The valuation of a short sale, as determined by the short sale lender, is probably the single most important factor of the transaction.   The way it works is; after an offer gets submitted to the lender, the bank will then order a BPO.. […]

Orlando Realtors Focus On Echo Boomers

              These young Americans were born between the years of 1982 and 1995. They are following the “Baby Boomer” generation and are now at the age where real estate and housing is a priority for them. The idea of the”American Dream” looks very different for Echo Boomers then it […]

Qualities of a Top Realtor

                      Knowledge of their local market It’s absolutely crucial to hire an agent with an intimate knowledge of the local market. The MLS is a great tool when you’re doing some preliminary research like cost per sq ft and getting comparables. However, you need a […]

Kaileys Ridge Update

                Floor plans and pricing for Kailey’s Ridge in Hunters Creek are being finalized by both builders and are expected be ready within weeks. With the entrance roadway now paved, construction moves to the next phase of development. The builders (Ryan Homes and Surrey Homes) will each control […]

Short Sale With No hardship

Short Sale With No Hardship – Video Normally, homeowners that are no longer able to continue paying their mortgage are going through some kind of hardship such as job loss, decrease in pay or hours, health issues, divorce, mortgage payment increase, even incarceration. Sometimes.however, people need to sell their home not because of a hardship, […]

Freddie Mac Short Sale News

    Is your mortgage owned by Freddie Mac and you’re struggling to keep your home? Well, if you want to sell in order to avoid having a foreclosure on your record, you may be eligible for Freddie Mac’s recently enhanced short sale.   In case you don’t know, a short sale is when a […]

Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse

             Home Buyer’s Remorse Have you ever bought something on the spur of the moment then later on you ask yourself.. “what was I thinking? I don’t even like or need it”. In most cases you can usually return the items like an expensive shirt or a an ugly painting […]

Fannie Mae Short Sales Just Got Shorter

    I believe that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac as well as most all other lending institutions finally acknowledge the importance of the realtor’s role in the short sale process.     It seems like yesterday [back in 2004] when we started doing short sales. Orlando realtors like myself that specialized in doing only short […]

Orlando Real Estate Brokerage

    Orlando Real Estate Brokerage 407-902-7750 VIDEO   Orlando Realty Consultants is a Top rated full service Real Estate brokerage located in Orlando, Florida. Our firm provides professional real estate solutions for anyone needing to buy or sell real estate in the Orlando and Kissimmee area. Our experienced group of Orlando real estate professionals […]