Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse

            ¬†Home Buyer’s Remorse Have you ever bought something on the spur of the moment then later on you ask yourself.. “what was I thinking? I don’t even like or need it”. In most cases you can usually return the items like an expensive shirt or a an ugly painting […]

Fannie Mae Short Sales Just Got Shorter

    I believe that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac as well as most all other lending institutions finally acknowledge the importance of the realtor’s role in the short sale process.     It seems like yesterday [back in 2004] when we started doing short sales. Orlando realtors like myself that specialized in doing only short […]

Orlando Real Estate Brokerage

    Orlando Real Estate Brokerage 407-902-7750 VIDEO   Orlando Realty Consultants is a Top rated full service Real Estate brokerage located in Orlando, Florida. Our firm provides professional real estate solutions for anyone needing to buy or sell real estate in the Orlando and Kissimmee area. Our experienced group of Orlando real estate professionals […]

Orlando Mortgage Brokers Speak Out

Top Orlando Mortgage Brokers Spill Their Guts Recently, top mortgage brokers in Central Florida were asked what their biggest challenges were in their industry. A few of them had this to say…                 Some claim that the mortgage market still has ways to go before it fully recovers […]

A New Appreciation For Living In Orlando

                There’s nothing quite like taking a long road trip with your family in the Summer time . We left Orlando at about 10pm. A quick stop at my sister’s house to drop off the dog and we were bound for our nation’s capitol. I hadn’t been there […]

Orlando Real Estate Still On The Upswing

Although Orlando real estate still has one of the more affordable housing markets in the US, it’s evident that the price of residential real estate in “The City Beautiful” is steadily on the rise.                   In the month of May, home buyers in Orlando spent an astounding […]

How To Hire A Short Sale Realtor – Video

  How To Hire A Short Sale Realtor¬† Video   When you hire a Short Sale Realtor t to take on your short sale, It’s just like hiring an attorney to represent you in some legal matter, so obviously you want someone with experience and a good track record. The agent you choose is going […]

Banks Can Take Your Assets After Foreclosure!

                    Stop Foreclosure Before It Starts Are you behind on your mortgage and worried that the lender might go after your other assets if your home gets foreclosed on? Unfortunately, it can happen if you live in Florida. This scenario can occur in an instance where […]

Avoid Orlando Short Sale Fraud

Avoid Short Sale Fraud!     The mortgage industry is once again experiencing an increase in short sales. Since 2012 the amount of short sales with Freddie Mac have gone up substantially. This rising trend will leave the Orlando real estate market a target for short sale fraud.       What’s A Short Sale […]

Why Use An Orlando Listing Agent?

Orlando Listing Agents Vs. FSBO                         Recently, there has been an upward trend of Orlando home owners attempting to sell their houses on their own by way of FSBO [For Sale By Owner]. They are convinced that they have a plan that will save […]