Orlando Real Estate Agents Discuss Closing Costs

Orlando real estate agents are responsible for much more than selling homes in Orlando or helping people to buy a home. Their clients rely on them to help them navigate through the entire process from beginning to end. The end being the closing of the transaction and being able to understand the breakdown of the closing costs. […]

Selling Your Orlando Home? 6 Mistakes To Avoid!

Selling your Orlando home can be an exciting time for homeowners depending on the circumstances. If your home is in great shape and you have a good amount of equity in it, it’s probably a joyous occasion for you. Other homeowners may be in need of an Orlando short sale realtor to get their house sold because there’s […]

Hunters Creek Parks And Recreation

Hunters Creek Parks and Recreation One of the reasons that Hunters Creek is such a popular community among young families is because of it’s great amenities. Residents of Hunters Creek can never complain that they don’t have enough to do. The area is loaded with beautiful parks with perfectly manicured landscaping that matches the surrounding neighborhoods.          […]

Orlando Resale Homes Compete With New Homes

When putting you Orlando home on the market, be sure to research your competition to establish an accurate listing price. Some homeowners are discovering that even if they have a relatively “newer” home, the brand new homes in the area are creating some serious unwanted competition for their pre-owned home.   The Pointe in Hunters Creek […]