TOR 003: How Does The Bank Decide The Value Of A Short Sale?

Top Orlando Realtors Podcast Episode:003 Diego Fontana in the BVL area of Kissimmee asks…”How do they decide the value of a Short Sale property“The valuation of a property, in my opinion is the single most important factor of the whole short sale process. Here’s the way it works. We start by submitting an offer to […]

Another Orlando Foreclosure Stopped In A Nick Of Time!

This is the story of Veronica from Hunters Creek, FL. I’m not using her real name or address because this short sale is still being processed. However, that fact that we’ve stopped the foreclosure sale a total of five times in past two years I felt was worth writing about.     It’s the typical […]

New Listing In Kissimmee, Price Reduced!! | 4703 Windwood Dr.

New Listing In Kissimmee!   4703 Windwood Dr. Kissimmee, FL 34746 We just acquired this hot new listing in the much sought after subdivision of  Windward Cay!  Move in Ready!   This is a Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home. Big, Spacious, Open Floor Plan. Property Highlights Fenced in Back Yard Garage Conversion Large Pool Screened […]

A Beautiful Day In Hunters Creek, FL. Come Join Me!

I wake up to a dense mist over the pond in my backyard, the only things I see moving are the deer grazing in the open field. It gives me the feeling of living deep in the forest as I notice the tops of the  tall pines tower above. Throughout the day I get regular visits by a wide […]

Bidding in a Hot Market

 Buyers looking for that perfect home in Orlando are finding out that they need to prepare for a fight. Because of a hot market causing lower than normal inventory, hungry buyers are engaging in bidding wars everyday. Bidding in a hot market can be a fight and lately, it’s been all about who’s quicker to the punch. […]

Orlando Listing Agents Vs. Buyer’s Agents

You’ll probably never hear a listing agent ask a buyer’s agent, what’s the highest amount their client [the buyer] is willing to pay for a property. So why is it that some buyer’s agents think that it’s OK to ask listing agents how low their client [the seller] is willing to go on the price? […]

TOR 002: Will My Lender Come After Me For The Balance After A Short Sale?

                  In this episode Lucille from Metrowest asks if her lender will come after her for the remaining balance of the deficiency between her full payoff amount and what the property sells for if she decides to short sale her home.      Subscribe to TOP ORLANDO […]

New Homes In Orlando Getting More Expensive

In 2014 new housing developments in Orlando became increasingly more expensive throughout the year and we can expect to see more of the same in 2015 according to Orlando realtors. This is in part due to newly retired couples looking for a permanent move as well as vacationers wanting to have a new home away […]

Short Sale Tax Relief Law Extended!

      As I explained in a post I wrote back in November “Will They Extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act?” There were thousands of distressed homeowners that weren’t sure if they would receive “short sale tax relief ” or if they would be forced to pay income tax on phantom income when […]

Orlando Real Estate’s Perfect Storm

              In 2014, the Orlando real estate market recovered significantly. Home sale prices rose and continue to rise and at the same time mortgage interest rates remain relatively low. These conditions created the perfect storm of opportunities for those looking to buy or sell Orlando real estate.     […]