Value of Orlando Homes Predicted to Increase by 7.3% in 2015

Orlando Homes On The Upswing   It is an excellent time for home owners in the Orlando area. Value of homes in Orlando metropolitan area are predicted to increase by 7.3 percent in 2015. According to the Real Estate Market Report published by Zillow, this rise easily beats the national prediction of 2.9 percent.   […]

Ravaudage Residential Project Stops

            The construction of the mixed-use Ravaudage project at US Highway 17-92 and Lee Road in Winter Park has stopped. It is being said that the73-acre development halted partly, as its property-tax agreement was not accepted by the city. The agreement, as the Orlando real estate developer Dan Bellows says, […]

Average Home Price in Orlando Rises to $165K

              The average price houses in Orlando rose in May, making it the fourth successive month to touch $165,000. According to Orlando realtors, this has been a peak period since 2008.   According to reports published by Orlando Regional Realtors Association, prices inched up about 1.5 percent in April […]

Sale of 203 Condo Units In Orlando

                  A Madison Capital Management affiliate has been advised by Cushman & Wakefield in the context of the sale of 203 condominium units within 272 Heritage Estates, a Class A community in Orlando. The firm has also garnered about $15.7 million in debt and has organized equity […]

Downtown Orlando to Get New Apartment Complex

              Work is scheduled to start during the third week of June on a nine story apartment building complex in uptown Orlando. The area close to Lake Eola has been subjected to minimal development after the crash in Orlando real estate about seven years ago.   Development by Jefferson […]

How Realtors Get Paid- Video

  How Realtors Get Paid 407-902-7750 VideoUnlike other professionals who bill their clients at hourly rates or present an invoice at the end of a project, real estate agents are paid at the end of a sales transaction. If a real estate agent works with a buyer or a seller for weeks or even months […]

Value of Lake Properties Driven by Residential Construction

              A substantial increase in residential and business construction rolled in 3.5 percent more to Lake County’s tax map. This is the second consecutive year of rise in values after a number of years when the economy was in depression.     Higher tax collections   According to Carey […]

Higher Tax Bills to Follow Higher Property Values in Orlando

  For Orlando residents who are trying to sell their properties, there is cause to celebrate: residential property prices in the region went north in 2014. However, the celebration will cease to exist for people who do not plan to sell their properties. The reason is simple: a high property value comes saddled with bigger […]

Home-Price Recovery in Metro-Orlando Inconsistent

Orlando Home Owners Could Make The Best Of The Situation       Residential real-estate property prices rose by an average 20 percent, in the Orlando metropolitan area, during February 2013 to May 2014, says a new Orlando real-estate industry report. The report, which compared the sales of the same Central Florida residential properties over […]