• Top 4 Reasons Why Homeowners Will Go Solar

  • Solar Panels  Solar power is entering the residential real estate world with a vengeance. Just look around and you’ll see solar roof top panels more than ever.  Many experts in the energy field believe that by 2035 solar will be able to the energy needs of the entire world because of advancing technology and more affordable pricing on equipment.

    Others estimate that at least thirty million homes will be 100% solar fueled within the same time frame.

    here are some convincing reasons why solar is becoming so popular among Americans today.


    1- Electricity Is Becoming  Outrageously Expensive

    The price of traditional electricity actually exceeds inflation rates. In fact, in some areas of the country like New England, utility rates rose from 30 to a staggering 50 percent in just the past couple of years.


    2- Solar Increases The Value Of A Home

    By having solar power in a home, the homeowner can save thousands of dollars in utility bills over the course of a year. This makes a home with solar power much more desirable to potential buyers and real estate agents are able to sell your home at a higher price.


    3- Solar Is Relatively Cheap To Install

    Home builders like Lennar, the country’s 2nd largest home builder offers solar as a regular feature on new homes that are being built in California as well as other parts of the country. For existing homeowners that want to add solar to their home, solar companies are now offering financing on the equipment with no upfront costs.


    4- It’s Better For The Environment

    As a homeowner, you have no choice but to buy power from somebody. So most people prefer to buy power from a much cleaner source like solar as opposed to buying from expensive and dirty fossil fuel sources. Now more than ever, people aware of  what’s good and bad for the environment and will ultimately do what’s best for our planet.



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