• 5 Landscaping Tips That Increase Home Value

  • The value of outdoor upgrades

    Outdoor upgrades to the home

    Are you looking to sell your Orlando home for the highest possible price?Beautiful landscaping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to instantly add between 7 and 15% to your home’s value. The best part about landscape work is that it’s super easy and you can save money by doing the work yourself.


    These 5 tips will guide you on how to make your home’s landscaping one of its most valuable assets.



    1 Landscape with your Home’s Design In Mind

    Gorgeous landscaping starts with a well thought out and consistent design. It’s important to make sure the landscaping design matches up well with the design and style of your home. The front yard is especially important because it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees.


    For example, you wouldn’t want to install an Asian Garden at a Colonial Style home because it would look completely out of place and may even hurt your home’s value instead of increasing it. A better design for a traditional Colonial home would be big lawn, verdant shrubs and flower arrangements.


    It’s no different for contemporary- modern homes. If you have a modern home then you need to stick with a more modern looking landscape design that will compliment your homes style and design like adding flower gardens, low hedges and gravel pathways and even a water feature.



    2 Have A Plan

    Think about how much maintenance plants you want to use will require. High maintenance landscaping is a big turnoff for some buyers and could even be a deal killer for them. It’s best to start with a good base planting then add in a few well designed focal points to your yard to get the most from your plan.


    Don’t go too crazy be including every single plant you found at the nursery. The ideal landscape design should have a nice mixture of perennials and shrubs. The trick is to keep it simple and add in just enough diversity to make it eye catching but so simple to where it looks boring.



    3 Seasonal Balance

    Find out what plants bloom at what times of the year so that your yard looks great all year round to potential buyers. Have some annual flower beds around the property for summertime. You can also plant some blooming bulbs for the Spring, brightly colored shrubs for the Fall and even some evergreens for the Winter.

    A smart home buyer will notice the unique balance you’ve created and can visualize how beautiful the home will look all year around.



    4 Trees

    Although adding a few nice trees can be a bit expensive it can also make a huge difference in your selling price. Studies have shown that a home in a neighborhood with lots of trees can sell for up to 6% higher than the same home in a neighborhood with fewer trees.



    5 Keep The Lawn Well Maintained

    Even if you have no intentions of improving on your landscaping, It’s important to keep your yard perfectly manicured at all times when selling your home.

    Keep the trees and bushes trimmed and make sure the lawn is always cut and neatly edged. By showing a potential buyer the attention to detail that you have with the outside of your home they’ll automatically think that the rest of the property is also kept in pristine condition as well.



    With the exception of a new paint job, landscaping can give you the biggest return on your investment. Make that you have a plan before you do anything, and stay away from using a bunch of high maintenance plants that can scare away buyers. For more ideas on Selling your Orlando home for the highest dollar amount visit https://orlandorealtyconsultants.com/ or call 407-902-7750 for immediate assistance.