• Why should you choose Home Automation?


    Imagination has been the driving force for all the technological developments, which exist around you. In fact, the scientific revolution has its very base on the entity of imagination, and imagination comes from nowhere, but your mind. So, why not imagine a home, where you can control things by a single touch. Imagine a home, which plays music to match your mood, and calms you senses. Imagine a home, where lights get adjusted to your party theme, and you just have to worry about nothing, but enjoyment. All this creations of imagination have now turned real with Home Automation.

    What is Home Automation? Home Automation is a concept which involves aggregation of several technologies that convert your ordinary homes into Smart Homes. For instance, when you return home tired from a hard day’s work, you will find it stressful to switch on the lights. All you want to do is slouch over the coach, and listen to your favorite music or watch television. However, the ordinary light switches and the typical television set snatches away this luxury from you.

    Security is one of the leading concerns when it comes to protecting your home. Security alarms and locks play a key role in keeping your home secured, but they are not full proof. Similarly, you have to check them each time when you have to leave your home. Moreover, these systems cannot be interfaced together with lights and fire alarms and need individual operation. Now, who will like to worry about each and every alarm and lock when you have a sophisticated system like Control4 at your disposal? Control4 smart home system is a single system which controls home theaters, lighting, temperature, intercom and security in your home. It also provides a variety of controllers like remote, keypad or touch screen. If you are comfortable with handling controllers, then its easy-to-use Android or iPhone app is always a handy option.

    Now, what if you want to spend the rest of your weekend enjoying the ambiance and climate of the tropics? You can shirk your worries, and rejuvenate your mind and body by bringing the tropical sunshine and breeze right at your footsteps with Lutron Lighting Automation system. Lutron system from RSI is specially made to address your entertainment needs. It combines together audio, video, security and HVAC and requires simple A/V Installation. This system will give you the privilege of tuning the lights to match the bright sunshine of the tropics, and adjust your air-conditioner to get the touch-and-feel of the tropical winds. The system is highly intuitive to detect the daylight changes and temperature changes and adjusts the indoor environment without you having to touch the controls. So, why not layback and sip your favorite cocktail when you have Lutron to simulate the tropics?

    Now imagine a scenario where you have to host a party at home, and your local DJ is running a tight schedule. Now, how do you plan to play the party music, and groove with the beats? For such times, the Steinway Lyngdorf digital sound system is the best. Unlike the other Home Theater systems available in the market, Steinway Lyngdorf is different due to its intuitive playback and music delivery. This system from RSI promises you high performance all the time, with no cracking of speakers or loss of woofer. You can play any kind of music on it, and groove to the tunes played. Moreover, the music can be synced with one of the Lighting Control systems from RSI, and your hall room will get converted into a full-fledged disco. Now, who will like to buy costly disco passes when you can host a disco at your place?

    Like these, there are many instances that will challenge your imagination. So, why not convert your imagination to experience comforts into reality by opting for Home Automation systems?