• Expensive Repairs to Negotiate before Making an Offer on a Home

  • Roof Repairs

    Finding the ideal home in the range of your budget is your first step in purchasing a house. Valuable money can be saved with a keen eye, a good inspector, and negotiation before a closing price is agreed on. The following highlight some of the areas that need to be addressed and adjusted before your name goes on the dotted line.


    Washing and that fresh coat of paint may attract your eyes from potential problem areas. One consideration to thoroughly examine is the issue of termite infestation. The integrity of the frame itself could be in jeopardy by these pests. If found, the extermination and repair fees should come be ironclad on whom is responsible for this before the price is etched in stone. Termite damages can add up to thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s important to plan in advance whether you will negotiate repairs or walk away from the home.

    Age and Roof Status

    Do not wait until the first rainstorm to find out that there are leaks. Water flows downhill so if you have a drip from the ceiling it must be coming from the roof. The importance of inspecting the inside as well as the outside of a roof is tantamount. An accurate estimation or proof of the roof’s age is a necessity in any home negotiation. Few things pop up more after a home sale than a faulty roof. Determine its status and get it all handled before the sale is complete. You need to have in writing whether the buyer or seller will handle the cost of roof repair.

    Electrical Panel

    Most of the time the panel will not need to be repaired. What is at issue is homes that have had additions during the course of the history of the home. The theoretical max may have been reached and not even be known due to some do it yourself warrior work. In the course of the home electrical service and inspection, if any qualms about the panel are brought up then it is ripe for negotiation. Do this now before you find yourself with limited options in the future.

    Air Ducts

    The presence of fiberglass air ducts may be an impediment not only to your families health but should be considered in your bid. Air quality issues are often not considered but are vital quality of life issues. Metal air duct replacement should be thrown into the mix during negotiations. This is especially important if anyone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies. You shouldn’t worry about getting sick in your own home.

    By considering these and other factors, headaches can be alleviated and money saved. Do not have any qualms bringing these matters to attention. This is a huge investment and should be handled with care. Your family is your most valuable asset and you want to find a home that will provide them with a steady roof over their head for years to come.