• Let in a Little Light: Five Decorating Tips for Staging Your Home

  • Home Staging

    The housing market has rebounded, and people looking to sell their homes will find far more interest than only a few years ago. However, the process of finding a buyer who will pay a reasonable price is still challenging. Here are a few decorating tips for staging your home.


    1. Less is More

    When people visit your home, they’ll want to envision how their furniture will look in your home. By removing as much clutter as possible and storing extra furniture elsewhere, you can allow potential buyers to see how your home can be the home of their dreams. If needed, consider renting temporary storage facilities while your home is on the market.

    2. Light, Light and More Light

    Some people prefer darker homes, but buyers are clearly attracted to lighter rooms. Light makes your home seem bright and cheerful, and it leaves a positive impression on visitors. It also makes your rooms seem larger and more versatile. While artificial lights can work well, natural lighting is best.

    3. Paint as an Investment

    Painting a room can be expensive, but painting your rooms can help them make a positive impression on visitors. Neutral paint is generally regarded as the best choice as it won’t turn away potential buyers. If your rooms are already cleared and ready to display, painting them won’t take long.

    4. Rented Furniture

    The right furniture can make a room truly shine, and it can give visitors ideas for how to decorate their new homes. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy new furniture to make your room stand out. Companies will rent furniture for a small fee, and choosing the right furniture can help you leave a positive impression. If you’re holding an open house, rented furniture can spur interest and lead to bids.

    5. Talk with an Expert

    Some people make a career out of staging rooms, and their experience can help you find the perfect design for your rooms. While any interior decorator can help, those who specialize in staging rooms know how to impress potential buyers. They may also know painters and furniture providers who provide discounts.

    When it comes to selling a home, your home’s interior will have a major impact on how much interest you can generate and how many bids you’ll likely receive. By taking staging seriously and investing a bit in your rooms, you’ll be able to sell your home at a higher price.