• Sell Your Home Fast By Updating The Kitchen And Bathrooms

  • Upgrades For Kitchen And BathroomsWhen selling your Orlando home to retail buyers, they don’t want to update, touch up, re-carpet, repaint, etc.

    They just want to move their things in and start enjoying that wonderful Orlando lifestyle.

    If you have a limited budget for pre-sale improvements and aren’t sure where to spend it, my suggestion would be to update the kitchen and bathrooms above all. [Unless your roof is leaking or AC doesn’t work, then obviousely these repairs would go to the top of the list]

    However, If you need to sell your Orlando home for top dollar then make sure that your kitchen and bathrooms are looking tip-top. 


    Make Your Kitchen Look It’s Best

    For today’s picky home buyer the kitchen is absolutely the most important room in the house. This is a space where appearance and functionality are equally important. Home buyers see the kitchen as a room with many functions such as food preparation, sharing meals, going through mail, or just hanging out with friends making frozen margaritas.

    Independent studies have shown that 90% of potential home buyers said that the condition of a home’s kitchen is a huge consideration when deciding on whether or not to submit an offer on a home.

    A full kitchen re-model usally doesn’t make sense when you get ready to sell unless the numbers are there and you know what you’re doing. Usually, all it takes is a bit of deep cleaning and up-dating to bring out the best in your current kitchen.


    Painting- Slap on a fresh coat of paint to brighten up those dingy walls. Painting is relatively cheap and is the easiest way to revive any room in the house. Stick with neutral colors so that buyers don’t get turned off.

    Countertops- If you have old school formica countertops or old outdated tile, think about putting down some new tile. It’s pretty inexpensive and makes a world of difference in the overall appearance of the kitchen.

    Fixtures- Get rid of that old chrome faucett that you’ve had for the past 10 years and replace it with something new and stylish. Consider the appliance colors when choosing a new fixture.

    Cabinets- Geting new cabinets will add several thousand dollars to cost but there are other alternatives. Staining your old cabinets a different color or even painting them white will give them that brand new look , especially if you change out the hardware as well.

    Bake cokies- If you do an open house, bake some cookies so that potential buyers can not only see the functionallity but smell it as well. BTW, do not use this technique with the bathrooms… LOL!

    Bring Out The Best In Your Bathrooms

    Almost as important as the kitchen to potential buyers, bathrooms should never be overlooked when trying to sell your Orlando home for full market value. Although bathrooms are much cheaper to remodel when compared to kitchens, you could still end up spending more than you have to if you don’t make a plan.

    Replace the toilet- Unless you can make your existing toilet look brand new, replace that old toilet. Nothing is a bigger turn off than an old and tired looking toilet. Don’t give it a second thought, just get rid of it and leave the sticker on it so buyers know that it’s new.

    Cabinetry- Just like the kitchen, you may be able to re-stain or paint if needed to give it that brand new look.

    Fixtures- If your fixtures look wore out and tired, replace them. It doesn’t cost much and makes a huge difference in the appearance. The same holds true for the light fixture.


    Warning: By following the advice outlined in this blog post, you could fall back in live with your home and end up changing your mind about selling!