• Selling Your House? Smarten Up The Exterior For The Best First Impressions!

  • As we all know, first impressions are everything. And this is never truer than when we are talking about houses. If you are planning to sell your house then the single most important thing that you can do to impress viewers is to smarten up the exterior. When a potential buyer visits to carry out a viewing, they will be immediately put in a favourable mood if they like what they see on the approach. Here are some great ideas for making the outside of your house win prospective purchasers:

    Tidy Up the Driveway

    Driveways often get a little scruffy with weeds growing through concrete or between paving slabs. Head out with a load of weed killer and blitz the unwelcome weeds. Then, tend to the flowers and plants that are meant to be there. Finish off by giving the whole area a good sweep, and then using a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the driveway. Putting a few pot plants along the driveway will help to add a splash of colour to the approach to your house.

    A Fresh Coat of Paint

    You’ll be amazed at the amount of difference a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the property makes to the overall look. Old paint that is faded, stained or peeling off sends out all the wrong messages to a buyer, but a freshly painted house suggests that you take as much care with the inside of the house as you do the outside. It will also help set off the windows and doors, and generally bring the whole house together. If you’ve a head for heights then you can paint your house yourself quite easily, but if you’d rather leave it to the experts then call a professional painter and decorator in – it shouldn’t take them long, it won’t cost you much, but the difference will be massive. Your prospective buyers will head to the front door and wait there until you answer it. So, make sure the door is freshly painted so that it looks nice and smart (you might as well paint the window frames too while you’re at it!) and make sure that the doorbell works properly. You might even want to consider getting a new front door if yours is past its best.

    Window Boxes


    Window boxes are a beautiful addition to the front of any home – they add a splash of colour and make the whole place look far more homely. Choose plants that don’t grow too high otherwise you will risk obscuring the view from the windows. Plant up a window box for each front-facing window, and put it up using secure brackets that won’t weather or deteriorate. Choose a mixture of colours for added impact.

    Smartening up the outside of your house is a great way to make sure that your potential buyers get the ‘wow factor’ when they come to see your house for the first time. Your next step is the small task of sorting the interior out!

    Author Byline :

    This post has been contributed by Leslie Kramer, a freelance blogger who often shares her ideas and experiences online. She writes for AusPro Group, a team of residential painters based in Sydney. Her hobbies include swimming and surfing.