• TOR 024: 7 Things To Consider Before Submitting An Offer

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     7 Things To Consider Before Buying A House

    Buying a home can be a very exciting time for you and your family butthere’s a lot of things you need to consider other than the way the home looks and feels to you.

    And this is where working with an experienced Orlando realtor can really help

    These are seven things to consider before making an offer On a property

    Listen to this entire episode to get the full scoop…Here are some highlights

    1. Drive by at different times of the day- Neighborhoods can have different looks depending….
    2. Talk to the neighbors-This is a great way to find out about the area….
    3. Find out if there’s a Homeowners association-Depending on who you are this could be a good or bad…
    4. Get A home inspection- Unless the house you’re looking at is brand new, it will have some wear…
    5. Ask for property tax records-In some areas property taxes can fluctuate according to appraisal values…
    6. Ask to see utility bills-You may be in love the lake view, glass walls and vaulted ceilings, but…
    7. Get realistic repair estimates- If the house needs some repair work, don’t just shoot from the hip…


    If you take these things into consideration, you’ll be much better prepared when it’s time to submit an offer.

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