TOR 013 : Orlando Short Sales, Who Pays The Realtor?

ORLANDO REALTOR PODCASTHello and Welcome to the Top Orlando Realtors podcast, where we answer questions from consumers and talk about all things real estate.

 I’m your host John Conde and I hope everyone is doing well. On today’s episode I’ll be discussing how Orlando real estate agents get paid in a short sale scenario which is different from a traditional listing. Here are some highlights from today’s show.


How Does The Realtor Get Paid When It’s An Orlando Short Sale?

  • Realtors are not allowed to charge an upfront fee to do your short sale
  • Typically, short sale candidates are up side down on their mortgage
  • The short sale lender ends up paying the realtor commissions
  • Sellers can get thousands back in relocation assistance from the lender
  • A short sale on your home should be recorded as a full payoff.
  • Hire an Orlando short sale expert to ensure you have the best chance at short selling your home.



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