• 7 Tips For Moving In The Summer

  • Moving To Orlando Home

    Summer is by far the busiest season for buying and selling Orlando real estate. With school being out, real estate agents in Orlando get extremely busy with both buyers and sellers wanting to make the move before the beginning of the school year which leaves them with a pretty small window to get the job done.

    Preparing For The Big Move

    These are 7 things you should to make moving as painless as possible.

    1- Decide whether you should do-it -yourself or hire a company. If you’re like me you will hire a company to do the heavy lifting. Saving a few hundred bucks by doing it yourself just isn’t worth risking a lower back or some other injury because you lifted a heavy piece of furniture the wrong way.

    You can still save money by packing and moving the smaller items yourself and leave the heavy stuff for the movers. Get a few quotes from local companies and research their reputation before deciding on one.

    2- Be as organized as possible when packing, this will make unpacking a lot easier and less stressful. Pack similar items together and if you already know how you want to decorate your new house, you may want to separate your items by assigning and labeling the boxes according to the rooms they will end up in.

    3- Plan ahead when possible. If you have a few weeks to move, start your packing early. By chipping away at it little by little not only will you be ahead of the game but it’s a lot less stressful this way. This will also give you plenty of time to decide what to donate, throw away or sell. The more stuff you get rid of the less you’ll have to move.

    4- Get the family involved. If your kids are old enough to help, put them to work. You can start by having them pack their own stuff and labeling the boxes. However, if your kids are too young to be involved then it’s probably a good idea to arrange for a baby sitter on moving day. Having little kids running around when large pieces of furniture are being moved is never a good idea and can be very distracting.

    5- Make arrangements for your pets. Moving can be stressful for pets because all they see is a bunch of people walking in and out and taking everything. They don’t understand what’s happening which can be a traumatizing experience for them. Have them stay at a friend’s house or the kennel for the day.

    6- Label and keep track of small parts. Some larger pieces may need to be broken down which means you’ll have a bunch of screws washers and nuts. By labeling them and putting them in small baggies, you’ll avoid losing them in the shuffle. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of certain items so you know how they go back together again.

    7- Photograph electronic components. Hooking up entertainment systems, DVR’s and televisions can be frustrating and confusing if you don’t remember how to hook everything back up. Before you unplug anything, take pictures of all the connections and label them with masking tape. This will eliminate a lot of headaches when it’s time to put everything back together at the new house.

    John Conde Orlando Realtor