TOR 035 : Real Estate Contingencies Explained

Using contingency clauses in your contract will eliminate most of the uncertainty of buying a house by outlining the conditions that have to be met before closing the transaction.

In this 35th episode of the “Top Orlando Realtor Podcast,” we talk about real estate contingencies and how they affect buyers and sellers on a real estate transaction.

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TOR 034 : Things To Avoid When Selling For Top Dollar

So when you go to sell a home, you want to get the highest price for it right?  Your goal should be to squeeze as many dollars out of it as humanly possible.

To do that…you need to have a plan or strategy in mind so that you can maximize your efforts.

On today’s episode will discuss some things you should avoid when you put your home up for sale.


  •  Pricing your home incorrectly…
  •  Failing to make minor repairs…
  •  Overlooking curb appeal…
  •  Buyer Incentives…
  •  And many more….

Just hit the PLAY button to listen to the entire episode!

Want to see how much your house worth? 

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TOR 033: Tips On Buying Foreclosure and REO Properties

In today’s 33rd episode of the “Top Orlando Realtors” Podcast, we talk about what to do and what not to do in order to buy an REO or foreclosure property successfully.

Here are some of the points discussed on today’s show…

  •  Buying the home “As-Is”…
  •  The Importance Of Getting A Home Inspection…
  •  Don’t Low Ball The Bank…
  •  Hurry Up and Be Patient!…
  •  Why you Should Hire An Orlando Realtor….

Just hit play to listen to the entire episode. If you still have questions about today’s topic call or text 407-902-7750 or feel free to visit us at

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TOR 032: Most Common Reasons A Loan Is Denied After Pre-Approval

Some people think once you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage then they’re good to go and they have nothing to worry about… This is not true!

Take a listen to today’s episode of the Top Orlando Realtors Podcast and find out how and why a potential home buyer can be denied a mortgage… even after they’ve been pre-approved!

So These are the most common reasons people get denied a mortgage… after they’ve been pre-approved.

– A Change in Loan Requirements

– Taking On More Debt

– Changing Jobs

– Negative hits on your credit

– The Appraisal Comes In Too Low

– Fraudulent Documentation

After listening to our show today, if you still have questions about mortgages and how you can give yourself the best chance at getting approved call us at 407-902-7750 for a free consult or visit our site.

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TOR 031: Closing Costs Discussed

Episode 31 Let’s Talk Closing Costs

Here’s a summary of today’s program. Just hit the play button!

So most people think that when selling a home, you subtract the real estate commission and mortgage payoff amount from the sale price and that’s what you walk away with.

Closing costs never even enter their mind, especially if it’s someone’s first time selling a home….

Then… once they get to the closing table, they almost have a heart attack when they find out that they have to pay part or most of the closing costs…Not a fun surprise

So you have to be ready…

Typical closing costs on a real estate transaction usually include property taxes, transfer taxes, mortgage taxes,  documentary taxes, recording fees, title insurance, …

Market conditions can also affect the way these fees are assigned…

Common closing costs to be paid by the seller and why…

Escrow fees

Title Insurance

Documentary taxes.

Recording fees

Mortgage taxes

Settlement fee.

Real estate broker’s commission

Pest inspection

Recurring closing costs

Things like mortgage interest on their loan, HOA fees, and hazard insurance are all the responsibility of the seller…

If you Still have questions about closing costs in a real estate transaction after listening to today’s episode, call our Broker Jenny Zamora, who’s also a listing specialist at 407.902.7750 she’ll be glad to help you out.

Anyone can submit a question or suggest a topic for the show, just go to our site, fill out the contact form and write a podcast in the subject line and we’ll do our best to talk about it on the show.

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