• You Bought a House! Congrats! Now Six Numbers to Have by Your Phone

  • You have just brought the last moving box into your new home and are getting ready to enjoy living in a place you will love for many years to come. Home, sweet home! One of the many questions you may be asking yourself is, Now what? An important issue to take care of is your handy list of important phone numbers, which will no doubt need updating for your new digs, new neighborhood, and possibly even new city or state.

    You Bought a House! Congrats- Now Six Numbers to Have by Your Phone

    Local Non-emergency Number

    In the US, almost everyone can dial 911 to get emergency services, including the police and fire department, but what do you dial in situations where you need to talk to the authorities, but don’t necessarily need an emergency vehicle in your yard pronto? Most communities have a designated non-emergency contact number. It’s a good idea to keep it on hand.

    Poison Control

    This number is especially handy for those who have children or petsĀ as they can tell you if what your child/pet has swallowed is poisonous or otherwise harmful. Many areas offer these numbers as an alternative to 911 because it is so frequently needed and yet infrequently a life-threatening emergency.

    24/7 Plumbing Service

    You need this one because pipes typically do not burst during regular business hours. This is especially prudent to have on hand if your new home is a vintage property with older pipes and fixtures.


    Program this one into your cell phone, just in case. Lock-outs are very common upon moving into a new place because your routine isn’t established yet, making it more likely that you will lock your keys in the house. A locksmith can get you back inside without damaging windows or doors.


    This is actually going to involve more than one number as you will wish to have contact information for your electric, water, natural gas, television/Internet, garbage, and other service providers. Nevertheless, these are good numbers to have in one place, just in case important service-related or other information is needed.

    Cooling & Heating

    Depending on the current season, this is a necessary number to have on hand. In case of your heating or cooling system going out. This will lead to major discomfort in your home and more often then not heating and cooling systems tend to malfunction at the coldest or hottest times. The experts from Orlando say this is because depending on the season, the coldest or hottest times are obviously when the most stress is being placed on the system.

    Local Public Library

    While this may sound fairly nonsensical to many people, libraries are great places for new arrivals to get information on a variety of local topics from resident experts. Any question you have, they have likely answered before. Business hours may vary, but they are still a very useful resource, especially for local government, school, and community information.

    Now that you have your list of important phone numbers, you can feel free to sit back and enjoy that new home. You’ve earned it!