• Hunters Creek Florida Voted one of America’s Best Neighborhoods!

  • Hunters Creek, FL comes in at number 21 for best places to live in the U.S.

    Twenty one is a pretty good number considering all the great places there are to live in the entire US. As a resident and business owner in Hunters Creek I’m very proud of my neighborhood, but Hunters Creek Real Estate has definitely had it’s share of ups and downs. When the crash of 2007 happened, houses that were worth 500k were all of a sudden worth somewhere in the low 200’s, I know this all too well because that’s exactly what happened to me. Our house actually appraised at 580k in 2006 and ended up all the way down at 220k appraisal value in 2008. Although that was a hard fact to face , we really loved the beautiful and kid friendly neighborhood, and that was priceless to us.


    The Parks of Hunters Creek

    Having two young boys, one of the biggest attractions for us were all the clean and perfectly manicured parks. You can definitely tell that when they started building Hunters Creek 25 years ago, they had young families in mind all the way. There are playgrounds, soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and racquetball courts for residents to enjoy. Hunters Creek also have youth sports programs for just about any sport you can think of for children wanting to participate. There are also gazebos and community centers that can be used for private activities.


    Shopping and Restaurants

    Hunters Creek is conveniently located close to several good restaurants right there in The Village. Wherever you live in Hunters Creek, you’re only a few minutes away from a healthy selection of family restaurants, pubs and there’s even a Farmers market . If it’s a mall your looking for, try going to the Loop. It’s just minutes away and it has a wide array of stores as well as a movie theater.


    Shingle Creek Trail

    Over the years we’ve seen enough animals in our backyard to start a zoo. We’ve seen deer, turkeys, river otters, bobcats, foxes, wild boar, bald eagles, sandhill cranes and owls just to name a  few. With ponds everywhere, most residents are able to go fishing, kayaking or canoeing without even having to drive. Although we’ve seen small alligators in the water, the larger one’s are removed by animal control and taken to Gatorland.

    Shingle Creek trail is a beautiful conservation area that consists hiking trails, bike paths, lakes and there’s even a

    trail that travels along the side of Shingle Creek where people go kayaking, canoeing and fishing. We often go bike riding through the trails because my boys love it.



    Hunters Creek Real Estate is in High Demand

    Being an Orlando real estate broker I can tell you that there is a serious demand for houses in Hunters Creek right now.  It’s also a good time for people that want or need to sell a property because of the steadily increasing property values. The top rated schools in addition to everything else I mentioned make Hunters Creek one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Orlando. The good news is that you can still find a great deal in Hunters Creek.