Is Your Listing Agent Doing A Good Job of Marketing Your Home?


Make Sure Your Orlando Listing Agent Is Doing All They Can to Spread the Word

If you’re selling a home in Orlando, the single most important factor other than pricing it right is a marketing strategy. Is your listing agent doing all they can do to market your home properly?

A common complaint from home sellers is they believe their real estate agent isn’t doing a good job of marketing their home. Top Orlando realtors use real estate marketing techniques that are very effective in addition to listing it on the MLS.

As one of the top realtors in Orlando FL, I feel it’s very important that my sellers know upfront before the listing agreement is signed what my marketing strategy will be and why to get their home sold for top dollar.

If you or someone you know are thinking about selling a home and you’re wondering what marketing strategies the best agents in Orlando are using to get the highest dollar amount for their listings, then continue reading below.

Following are some of the most effective and creative real estate marketing strategies that we use to provide our sellers with a successful home sale experience.

Online Exposure

Were you aware that 93% of Orlando home buyers start their search online? If that statistic didn’t surprise you, it should! That’s why it’s crucial when selling a home that it’s all over and everywhere on the internet. You’ll find that the best listing agents in Orlando have a very strong online presence.

These marketing strategies I’m about to get into are some of the most effective and important real estate marketing strategies which should be used to get the maximum online exposure when selling a house in Orlando.

A Website

I don’t do business with any company or agent that doesn’t have a website, real estate-related or not. In this day and age, any service provider that doesn’t have their website hasn’t been keeping up with their competition which is also a sign that they don’t care about being the best in their field or industry.

This is especially true in real estate. I’ve never worked with another agent that doesn’t have a website or at least a page of their own on their broker’s website so imagine that just about all real estate agents do unless they’re just starting.

It’s extremely important to a successful home sale that your agent has their website, so your home receives maximum online exposure. Not only do they need to have their website, but it needs to be high quality, high ranking, and user friendly.

A few ways to find out if their website meets these criteria is to make sure they have a “featured listings” section so that your home is highlighted on their homepage. It should also have an interactive and easy-to-use home search feature, community pages, and one of the most important components is that it should be mobile responsive, so users can easily navigate it using their smartphone.

A good website should be a one-stop-shop experience for all your real estate needs. Having an interactive home search tool as well as a property valuation tool among other bells and whistles is usually a good indicator of a quality real estate agent’s website.

A Current & Informative Blog

Orlando realtors with a strong online presence will more than likely have an updated blog integrated into their website. It’s also a great way for your agent to tell the world about your amazing home in detail. Providing a potential buyer with a detailed blog post about your home can be a killer strategy to sell your home and one which I use on all my listings.

A real estate blog can and should be used for providing valuable content to benefit buyers and sellers alike.

Professional Photographs

It never ceases to amaze me how many listings I see on the MLS with crappy photos! Because the internet is where most home buyers begin their search, your real estate agent must be using top-quality photographs to showcase your home.

Some real estate agents will hire a photographer to take pictures of their listings if they don’t own a professional camera. While this can get expensive, it makes a huge difference, especially with higher-end luxury real estate. Poor imagery can easily be the deciding factor whether your home sells or not because based on what a buyer sees online, they might not want to proceed to the next step which is going to see the home in person.

Video marketing

We create a unique, high-quality video for every one of our listings. It’s a strategy that has served us well in drawing tons of attention to a home that’s for sale because let’s face it… everybody loves to watch a good video. Using high-quality photography, informative text, and putting some catchy music in the background provides a potential buyer with a great and entertaining way to view the highlights of a home.

You should make sure that your agent is incorporating at least some type of video marketing as part of their home selling strategy. Check out one of our videos here…

Social Media

These days social media and real estate marketing go together like bread and butter. As a home seller, you should expect and demand that your agent shares your home listing to all the major social media sites as part of their marketing strategy. This is an absolute must for your home to get the maximum amount of exposure necessary to fetch the highest price.

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