• Listing Agents Vs. Buyer Agents… What’s The difference?

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    When people think of Realtors, most believe it’s a person that works with the buying and selling of real estate. And for the most part they’re right… However, real estate has many areas of specialization such as agents who specialize in working with buyers and others who work exclusively with sellers.


    Understanding the difference is crucial when you are in home buying or home selling mode. Like the medical field where you wouldn’t go see a proctologist to get your head examined, you should hire the realtor that possesses the special skill set to accomplish your real estate goals.


    Being a “Jack of All Trades and master of none” in the Orlando real estate world is not a good thing.


    It’s pretty simple, if you want to sell your home fast for top dollar… hire a listing specialist. If you’re looking for a home to buy then hire an experienced buyers agent.


    Make no mistake…There’s a very big difference between A Realtor who works with buyers vs sellers!


    Biggest Difference Between Listing Agents and Buyer Agents


    Buying or selling a home will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime so you want to hire a realtor who is a specialist in whatever you need done.


    Being an Orlando Realtor since 2004, I’ve met countless consumers that truly don’t understand the HUGE difference between buyers agents and listing agents. This can lead to disaster and cost you thousands of dollars if you hire the wrong agent for the job.


    Most successful brokerages will have both types of agents available depending on the client’s needs. As a broker and Orlando listing specialist myself, I refer any buyers to one of our buyer’s agents because I know they are focused solely on finding houses for people just as my buyer’s agents refer any sellers to one of our listing agents. It’s about providing the best possible service to our clients according to their needs.


    Skill Set of A Listing Agent

    If you’re a seller, it’s crucial that you understand what skills a good listing agent should have to get the job done…


    Pricing- Determining the correct value of a property is one of the most important skills a listing agent should have. Over pricing a home can cause your home to sit on the market a lot longer than it should and cost you thousands. Agents that specialize in working with sellers will have a good sense of how to price the home correctly from the start.

    Marketing- A true listing agent is good marketer who knows what to do to get your home sold fast. This is a skill set that takes years to develop and must be updated constantly. The days of plopping down a sign in the front yard and taking out a few newspaper ads are over.

    Properly marketing a home these days requires top notch photography and well thought out strategy to achieve optimum results.

    In addition to listing a home on the MLS, it should be marketed across all forms of media like social networks, video marketing as well as on the top property search sites in the nation where buyers most often frequent. Being unique and creative in the marketing of a home is essential in order to make your home stand out.

    Honesty- Homeowners tend to get caught up in the emotional history of a home, especially if they’ve lived there for a long time. Sometimes homeowners have made certain “improvements” over the years which in their mind raised the value of the home. They may even think that their home is the nicest in the neighborhood and therefore should be priced the highest. This thinking is not realistic and your Orlando listing agent should have the courage to explain this to you. They should also be able to give you tips on how to make your home look it’s best for showings. Sometimes this can mean spending a little money, but well worth the investment.

    A listing specialist should provide you with honest feedback on your expectations… even if it hurts.


    Skill Set of a Buyers Agent


    Knowing the area- When you’re looking to buy a home, you need to have as much information about the area as possible. Buyer’s agents should know their farm areas like the palm of their hand. How else can you advise someone on where to buy their dream home otherwise?

    Knowing The Property Values- A buyer agent must have a firm grasp on what the homes are worth in the area. This is a calculation which varies from house to house and would include factors like school district, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, upgrades, etc.

    Be A Skilled Negotiator- Once your Realtor has found a home you like, it’s time to start negotiating. Like shopping at a flea market, everything in real estate is negotiable and your buyers agent better be good at it or it could end up costing you thousands!


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