• Selling Property: Additions That Can Increase Home Value

  • If you are trying to sell a property in Orlando, you know that making your home stand out from the competition can be difficult. However, there are some additions that can increase a home’s value and make the house easier to sell when it hits the market.

    1 Count the Bathrooms

    Never underestimate the power of an additional bathroom in your home. Everyone can use another bathroom. This is particularly true if the home you want to sell only has one bathroom; most buyers won’t even consider a home with only one bathroom. If your home has two stories, make sure there is at least one bathroom on the main floor because buyers in today’s market have come to expect that.

    2 Garages are Good Bets

    Many home buyers also expect to have a garage to protect their vehicles. While most buyers want an attached garage, if adding one on to your existing house isn’t possible, you can add a detached garage on your property to increase the value. This is bonus square footage that can be used to house a vehicle or for storage.

    3 Media Rooms Sell

    Another smart addition to a home is a media room. You may not have to add on to your house to get a media room. You can take an existing space within your home and convert it to add the media room. For example, you might finish a room in your unfinished basement or loft area. Buyers in today’s real estate market are looking for homes with all of the bells and whistles, so you will get your money back on this investment.

    4 Home Offices are Hot

    You can also increase your home’s value and help it sell quickly by adding a home office. Most home buyers like having a dedicated space in the house to use for the computer, printer, and fax machine. However, more people are working at home today than at any other time in history, so lots of buyers need home offices for their jobs. This one feature could make your property stand out from all of the rest.

    5 Outdoor Space is Nice

    A final addition is outdoor space. Many buyers want a home that provides outdoor entertainment space, so this is a good return on your investment. You might build a deck or patio in the backyard. You can even add furniture to the area. Swimming pools are also a good idea. “A pool is a lasting investment in both your home and in your life. It can add value to your property,”

    Making smart decisions can help you increase your home’s value and make it easy to sell. You just have to spend your dollars wisely.